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Count me in the 'only had one class' group - an adult ed offering using Mapp gas and hot head torches; I believe it was 2 hours on two nights. The first night was mainly learning how glass reacted to heat - first thing was it wants to be round, the second was how much can it be heated before I drip it onto the table I made two beads.

Like Phill that's all it took to get addicted. It was quite a while before I graduated to a big girl torch because of the expense of setting up a real studio.

I lurked on LE for numerous years - lots of excellent free tutorials. And after joining up found the peeps here usually have answers for specific questions.

The only other learning source I used was Passing the Flame; cover to cover, but not necessarily in the order Corina wrote it after the first few chapters. That's one book I highly recommend - can be picked up on Amazon or eBay for around $45-50 used and worth every penny.

You're doing it just right - play w/the glass, learn what it does. The good old PPP - practice, practice, practice. If you're learning from what you're doing, it's not a waste of glass. And go ahead, buy some of the expensive stuff if you lust after it. You can always pet it, stroke it, and call it George until you feel up to the level of comfort using it.

Do keep some of your very first beads. They are the very best thing to have every time you look at someone's bead that makes you gasp because it makes you feel you're getting nowhere fast. One look at those first little wonky things will make you realize how far you've come from that point.

Do add your info to the RAOGK listing - lots of us have favorite colors, too much glass [yup, it does happen eventually ], and we're willing to share. And come on down to the Newbies and Intermediate thread in the Gallery.

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