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I want to add that the only things I really took away from my first and only in person class was:
1) You need to fight the urge to bring the bead up close to the hot head torch or else you get un-burnt fuel embedded in the glass as smut,
2) That fiber plumbers flame barriers really can keep the darn bead from cracking as it cools IF you resist the temptation to A) admire you work before you stuff it in the layers and B) don't peek for an hour or more and
3) If the bead release brakes up and the glass touches the metal then you might as well make a potted plant decoration because it the bead is not ever going to let go of the mandrel.

Everything else I picked up from books, videos and forums like this one.

Happy hunting.

Remember that searching here at LE can get very literal so phrases need to be "inside quotation marks" or you get results of "every" "single" "word" "and" "even" "short" "words" "like" "if" "and" "or" "but" "and" the search takes forever to put all that together for you to read.
Oh and searches need to be at least 4 characters long so add * to the word 'red*' for example or you won't get any result.

Also you can pare down your search to only the sub forum you are in and even down to only the conversation thread you are in.
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