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Default Need help with ventilation for new studio!!!


I finalized my new studio but I need help with the ventilation part. When I start the torch, my flame is dancing around du to the make up air. Here are the details and my questions will follow..

- New isolated 8x10 shed (I'm living in Montreal so with extrême climate conditions).
- Torch: Minor bench burner ( new to me as I used a hot head until now) with oxy concentrator.
- I'm using soda lime glass for beads only and plan on using frits with proper mask eventually.
- Fan: I have a Fantech 8xl fan in galvanized steel with 521 CFM and 2600 RPM (which I believe translate in 5449 FPM (formula 2600x8inchesx0.262).
- I'm respecting the 10 feet rule between intake and outtake.
- Make up air:8 inches ( same as fan) with soft isolated tubing and placed under the bench behind the torch.

You can see all that in my studio pictures album.

My questions:

1. I think my fan is way to strong for the size of the room. I tried to set it up half way and it reduced the dancing flame but not enough to be workable. I did the encens test with the torch on with this set up and it worked fine. With the fan I have, is that ok to use it half way? Is the smoke test enough to confirm?

2. With the set up I mentionned, I steel feel a negative pressure when opening the door. Once the door is open, the fan kicks in a little bit. Is it normal to feel that or does that mean my air intake is not sufficient?

3. Any suggestion to reduce the dancing flame? I have a window behind me but it creates a draft and it's a lot worse. Also, this is not ideal with cold winter conditions which is why I installed the air intake closer to the outtake.

I'm a bit discourage by th fact that this set up seems like never ending.....Ive been waiting for a few months now and cannot wait to start again in a safe and functionnal studio....

Thanks for your help!
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