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Default This is a different way...

I prefer this method to the other one for two reasons: I think the finished result is cleaner, and I like the color being trapped between two layers of glass.

Take a point of 1"HW, about four inches long. Open one handle, draw lines down the length of the tube, and twist. Make sure the twist is consistent along the length of the tube. Now open the other handle (so they're BOTH open) and jack constrict/jack downin the middle until it's completely closed. You now have two sections of tubing with handles that are connected by a solid piece in the middle.

Blow one side slightly into a bubble, and then rip off your point handle, leaving it open, even, and round on the end.

Now flare this side out like a foot, but keep going. Change the angle so it starts to fold over back over the other section of tube (the one you didn't blow out. Work it from the end down to avoid trapping air bubbles. After you've got it worked into one solid bubble, blow it out a little and rip off the end to clean up the termination point.

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