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Minor. I tried again this morning. I thought, "I'll make a smaller lentil - the largest of the Zoozii's trio" - probably 18mm. And again, it devitrified. It doesn't even melt and then it's devitrifying!!! It's funny as I was reading on the Devardi site to get a bead red. Here it is:
For best results, evenly heat your bead or project to a dark red glow immediately when you are done, especially if you are combining other types of COE 104 Glass with Devardi Glass.
This is laughable as my bead is devitrifying while it is barely flowing! I can make an initial wrap of the glass and it's fine, then anything I add on after that is subject to devitrification. If there are any bits of uneven glass laid on (which of course, there are) these are the parts that become devitrified first. They stick up above the rest and so they receive more heat. The bead isn't even melting, but it's devitrifying!! It's maddening! I've made beads with opalinos and alabastros and they take a freakin' long time, but at least they melt! This color is like the Devil! Ha ha! I just had to throw that icon in.