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I wouldn't use enamels without an real ventilation system. The problem with small particles (enamels or powdered glass) is that they don't fall back out of the air very quickly. They can stay airborne for minutes to hours depending on their size and air currents. [we deal with this at work for contaminants and air quality FDA and OSHA requirements]

So even if you were using and tapping/sifting onto a bead, unless your ventilation system is pulling that out, those particles will float around and get on other surfaces in your room/area. You can contaminate your work area if you aren't careful.

I have a vented hood. When I use powdered glass, I open the container on a wetted paper towel, and use that for clean-up when I'm done, before I turn off the ventilation. We only get one set of lungs. Safety-wise, I'm less fearful of burns than of harming my lungs.
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