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Originally Posted by Locococo View Post invest lots of words and time for your blame shifting.

Yes, mob justice especially in the shadows is troubling and it is just as dangerous in a faceless discussion forum. Lives have been ruined down this path.

There are two separate issues here: one is plagiarism, and the other is the manner in which this thread is dealing with it through whispering accusations. By blame shifting, are you suggesting that whispering accusations could ever justify plagiarism??? Like victims of crime invite the crime??

I joined to learn about glass and would have liked to buy tutorials. As others had pointed out, just looking at what is on offer in the paid tutorials, it is pretty obvious that there are a few me-toos. It is understandably upsetting to find your creation plagiarised, but it can be dealt with either directly in private, or openly in public. The accusations have become barely veiled here yet no one, especially the victims are prepared to name the culprits and hopefully engage them in public without rage. At least that way, for those who are interested in buying tutorials, it would be easy to decide which to buy instead of worrying about it and relying on whispers.

I understand that it is not easy to confront those who have wronged you and it is more comfortable to have a few others to back that you have been wronged by sharing that inside knowledge of the culprit's identity, but this is not only cliquey (not great for a public forum) but can mislead others to accuse the wrong people (very bad). This sort of things happens in school playgrounds when kids might not know any better. Confronting the plagiariser does not have to be loaded with anger and swearing.

If you cannot see this issue and regard this is just balling, that is fine. As you said, I have spent too much time and too many words on this already.