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I think the problem is that many are trying to knock Devardi because of its characteristics and those same characteristics can be found with the common glasses we currently use.

Not to derail the thread but I figured out why a bead crumbled that I mentioned a while back in this thread (I think it was this thread).

It was made from Vetro Bluestone (odd lot at 20.00 a ╝lb) and CIM Hades.
I had even made a small leaf out of those 2 colors and it cracked too...AFTER I found it and the others I had made with that blue glass in the crumbled bead. As soon as I can get to the torch I am going to mix these 2 again and do the freezer test.
I have found a lot of the Vetro odds don't like to be encased and they are prone to shockiness as well.
I'm not even gonna go there about Lauscha clear and cracking...there are a plethora of stories about that fact. Wasn't the reason Lauscha reformulated their clear was to make it compatible with the silver glasses?

I am still being cautious about the Devardi glass AFA compatibility goes (although none of the beads I had made with it have cracked so far) but I know there is a possibility of some of the Dev glass being incompatible but that doesn't make it any different than any of the other accepted glasses. They all have their limits.
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