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Originally Posted by lunamoonshadow View Post
Fine for Loren. Many of us respect Loren GREATLY. However YOU are NOT LOREN. SO PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK FOR LOREN.

ANYONE WHO HAS USED A HOTHEAD KNOWS THAT WAVING THE GLASS, OR "BOUNCING IT" in the back of the flame, is often the *only* way to get a shocky rod, or one with a HOLE running through the length of the rod to heat up without simply exploding. This also works nicely with Devardi.

With an oxy/propane torch, the tip that Tink has offered that often works is turning the oxy off or nearly off & stuffing the rod directly into a pure propane flame, sooting it up completely near the face of the torch & then "cleaning it back off"--this works nicely for a *lot* of shocky rods as well. Unfortunately with a *hothead* this trick isn't possible, so *hothead* users are left with the "bounce & wave" method.

PLEASE HAVE THE COURTESY TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF & PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK FOR PERSONS OTHER THAN YOURSELF. You are becoming more than irritating. This thread is here to discuss the working properties of, & tips & techniques FOR Devardi Glass. BY & FOR PEOPLE WORKING WITH THE GLASS. If you have a question, we'd be happy to try and answer it, but your veiled implications that anyone having good things or positive experiences with the glass "must be working for Devardi" is insulting, as is the fact that you seem to be using a secondary, "sham" account to make your posts attacking this glass.

Yeah, I wanted to come back and respond to the bouncing thing...

I like my marshmallows lightly browned. If I hold one in the flame, it catches on fire. If I wave my marshmallow in and out of the very end of the flame, it turns lightly browned.

I don't think glass can be confused.

I think that letting it heat a bit for a moment, then stopping it by pulling it out, would prevent it from overheating. I've forgotten to do this with some shocky rods and had it become frit. If I remember to, with challenging glass, then I have a much lower explosion rate.

Kind of like not overcooking my marshmallow.