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Hi Dale&Kristina,
I have bunch of beads that I've made with Devardi but I'm so challenged in the technology dept. I haven't been able to figure out how to post them I need to borrow someones child to help me!!
I preheat my rods when I'm torching and am having no trouble getting along with this glass. I was so tickled when I used my new kiln and found that the beads looked the same coming out as they did going in, I have mixed the glass with other 104 glass, used 96 frit and not so sparingly.... I still haven't lost a bead.
If you're looking for info on colors, inquire, I've used quite a few opaques and lots of transparents. The only thing I didn't order was any of the semi-opaques, I will be doing that on my next order, when the new shipment comes in. Anybody have any favorite colors, I should order????
I'm glad for this thread and the generosity of (almost) everyone, to share and help one another.