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Originally Posted by baby firefly View Post
Hi Dale&Kristina,
I haven't been able to figure out how to post them I need to borrow someones child to help me!!

If you're looking for info on colors, inquire, I've used quite a few opaques and lots of transparents.
Thank you! How do you like the transparents? Are they like Effrete - slower to melt?

You have to take your pictures and then open them in a photo editing program. Crop them to the size dimension you like, then resize them to 85 dpi and under 640 pixels. Find where those options are in the software program.

Then save your image. When you make a posting here click on "Image Uploader" on the right. Find your saved image and Upload it.

When it uploads, click on the far right text ID and it will be entered in your posting.

Clear as mud, right, hope that helps!