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Default Garage ventilation for boro

Hi everyone! I知 brand new here and brand new to lampworkijg. Please forgive me if any of my questions are repeats.

I知 going to be setting up a national 8m with a 21-sm tip to work on small borosilicate projects in my garage. I知 curious about a couple things: first is ventilation. I致e attached a couple pics of the work area. I知 going to be keeping the garage door half open and there is a small window that will be open as well. Can I put a fan with a high cfm between the table and the window and will that be adequate as long as the door is open? Or should I have the table pointing toward the door? I don稚 think I知 going to be able to set up one of those metal hoods anytime soon...

also, as you can see there is a water heater in the garage. The propane and oxy tanks will be chained to the opposite wall. Will there be any safety issues with the water heater?

Thanks for any help!! Glad to be starting melting glass and to be a member of LE!!!
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