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Hey thanks for the reply! That definitely makes sense about the melting glass. But I'm thinking maybe I could just wear a mask. As far as the tanks, they will be far away from any heat and I also have flashback arrestors on the hoses for safety measures. I won't be using my torch too often since I'm in college. But my sister and mothers birthday are coming up (born on the same day, Oct 24) and I really want to create a silver fume implosion pendant for them and macrame a hemp necklace with custom beads. This is why I decided to come to the forums since It's incredibly hard to find detailed information on the internet.

The dogs names are Bubba and Bruce. Bubba is a pure bred Labrador and Bruce is a pure bred Pitbull. They have insanely good genetics, so they're both massive and muscular. They're also incredibly goofy and cowardly (My cat chases them around haha).

Thanks again for the reply. Look forward to chatting more with you and people of similar interests within the community
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