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Originally Posted by Shaper View Post
This is a good exhaust fan that some folks use.

The regulators you listed are fairly inexpensive ones that will most likely last awhile, just be sure to take the pressure off the diaphragm when done working or they will fail a lot sooner.

This is the addy for "Mountain Glass" site. It's a good place for tools, glass, regs, splitters, and a bunch of other things you may or may not need/want.

By the way I am using LED can lights and they are very bright and I can swivel the can to adjust where the light is focused. I also mounted a 12 inch florescent light to the left side of my bench for checking the roundness of marbles and other curves.
Have fun
Awesome idea on the fan. My next question is how do this get duct added to it to attach it to the hood I have?

It seems to be half the cost of what I was going to pay so investigating an option would be nice.

I keep looking around and as far as single inlet fans are concerned I cannot find one bigger than the one in the harbor freight dust collector. If I search around I can find other dust collectors that advertise the same cfm but they all show the exact same motor in their design.

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