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I am pulling the information in my relevant posts from the other thread to put here about this glass.
There are three different posts here which is why it's so big. I can separate them if any one thinks it would be better.

Here's a pic of their color chart. I saw it when I picked up the glass but didn't get a chance to look at it as well as I'd like. Jim was nice enough to send me a copy.
There are some colors there I wouldn't mind trying. Especially the pinks.

Well here they are. My test beads.
Not great, but I'm rusty, it's been several months since I lit my torch and I was in a hurry. I had a lot to do in a short time.
Another thing is I got a new camera, new computer, new editing program and am surprised I didn't completely lose my mind trying to get pictures.

For reference I am working with a piranha on one oxy con. I also garage annealed.
Working with the glass was good for the most part. I didn't find it to be overly stiff to melt compared to Effetre, meaning I didn't notice a huge difference.
No shocking or splintering except for a couple fat rods where all I lost was the tip. A couple of the transparents were bubbly as was the clear.
I purposely mixed the Devardi with effetre in most beads.
None of the rods were labeled in the assortment I bought so the names of the colors are a guess from looking at their auctions against the rods.

First test is clear. The black bases are effetre and the clear is Devardi.
I kind of expected the results I got. There are bubbles in the rods and some scratches so quite bit of bubbles and some scumming in the test beads. Even with the tip cleaned the results were the same.
The ugly frankenstein looking tab was to test and see if the silver would turn color. It did in the spots I got the bead really hot.
With the black spacer, it's hard to see in the photo but in person you can see micro bubbles throughout. Not horrible but being an encased floral maker I think I'd have issues.

The next test is the semi-opaque white for Karen (DesertDreamer)
One plain spacer, two cores of semi-opaque white with either amethyst or topaz encasing.
I forgot to mention the rods are a pale blue until you melt them. If you keep the glass cool it will stay blue but with more heat the glass will become white with a slight bluish cast. (looks more blue in my pic than in my hand)
Absolutely no issues with shocking, reducing or sooting when making these beads. I really liked this color and will be working with it more to figure out how it works with different levels of heat.

This test was encasing with Devardi on a effetre core and vice versa. Unannealed as Pam suggested.
Top bead is Devardi semi-opaque blue encased with effetre med lapis
Middle bead is Devardi opaque blue encased with effetre med lapis
Bottom bead is effetre white encased with Devardi trans Marine blue
The top bead cracked but it's thermal because I was looking at it too long.
The reason I was staring at it is there was an opal like glow to it. You can see in the picture the pink spots on the bead. It's not a reflection but part of the bead. Kinda cool I thought. I will try this combo again and anneal it to see if it stays.
The other two test beads seem to be okay so far.
As you can see the Devardi trans marine blue was bubbly. I will try again to use this and work with it a little cooler and clean the tip to see if it was me or not.

Devardi Opaque Black
This bead has a Devardi Transparent smoke base and Devardi opaque black dots.
The opaque black will get a metallic sheen in an oxygen rich flame. I had to hurry with this one so my dots aren't melted in well and I didn't get to really try to bring out the metal in the glass.
As you can see the base color is bubbly.

These beads are just color tests.
1st bead - Devardi Butterscotch with effetre rubino stringer.
I wanted to see if it was more like opal yellow or dk ivory. The colors didn't react like ivory does with rubino.

2nd bead - Effetre white core with Devardi Transparent Dark Purple.
Not a single issue with this bead. Beautiful color.

3rd bead - Opaque orange with Effetre Lt Turquoise dots.
I wanted to see if there would be a dark/black outline like you would see with effetre orange and the turquoises. No reaction at all. I didn't get the chance to try this with the Devardi yellow.

4th bead - Opaque salmon. Really pretty color and would make some lovely florals. I did have some bubbles forming while winding on the bead but I think I was working it too hot. They didn't show up in the bead.

Last beads are just for fun.
A Devardi Semi-Opaque Dk marine (I think) Wonky Hollow
The encased floral has a Devardi semi opaque green base with effetre flowers and encased with Vetrofond clear.

Well, that's what I have so far. There where a bunch of things I wanted to do and didn't get it all done. Lots more colors and combos I wanted to work on.
I will see about getting some more time to work with this glass again soon and will post the results when I do.
I hope this has been helpful.
Update on the copper/sulphur reaction testing.
I made a couple more small spacer sized test beads last night to see if yellow would react and to test the orange again. The two top beads are the new beads and are not annealed. (Devardi Opaque Orange and Opaque Saffron bases with Effetre Lt. Turquoise stringer)
Here they are small, about twice as big as they are in real life. I used a 1/16th mandrel.

With the naked eye I cannot see the reaction with the bottom orange bead, which is the one I have already posted, the other orange bead is hard to tell if it's there or not, and with the yellow bead I can see it just fine.
I took large close up pictures to see what the camera sees and as you can see it picks up a slight reaction on all three beads. I think the reason it's hard to see with the naked eye is the Devardi glass is opaque in the core of the bead but the surface looks like it's been thinly encased with a transparent, that and I made small beads.

Now about the effetre stringer. On the first bead I made and already posted (bottom bead) I grabbed a stringer, I had pulled some time ago, out of my lt turquoise glass cubby and with the new beads I just made I pulled a new stringer from a full rod. (I couldn't find the previous stringer I had used on my messy work table).
Well, by looking at my beads the first one I made looks lighter and I'm wondering if a lt. sky stringer made it into my lt. turquoise cubby by accident, which would be reactive anyway.

So what I'm saying is there is a slight reaction but it's hard to see. I am going to try making larger beads and see if it's anymore visible to the eye. I just wanted to share what I've done and will update again when I get back to the torch with more tests.

Here they are blown up really big to see what the camera picked up.

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