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I decided to move my post with the results I had from the other thread:

Originally Posted by BeadMaven View Post
I made it share my results. I concentrated on using the Trans Burgundy, Trans Lt Rose and Salmon colors.
The other color I got was the Transparent Green and I haven’t melted it yet.

Transparent Burgundy:

In order left to right:

1st: Base of Reich 104 Mystic Beige, Mocha Sundae frit, Flower is Moretti white base w/ Trans Burgundy on top and (then CiM Clear stringer) and Verto Sunshine dot (center).
2nd. Dev Transparent Burgundy spacer
3rd. CiM Peace encased stringer left over from the Rose just wound on a Peace base and melted in.
4th. Trans Burgundy & CiM clear stringer plunged dots on a Peace base.
5th. R 104 Mystic Beige base, Peace encased with Tr Burgundy roses and Moretti/Vetrofond vine stringer for the leaves.
6th. Mystic Beige base with light Trans Burgundy stringer applied and raked.

Transparent Lt Rose and Salmon:

In order left to right:

1st. Salmon spacer
2nd. Effetre 452 Red Brown base, Flower was Salmon petals w/ Trans Lt Rose and then Vetro Sunshine center.
3rd. E 452 Red Brown base and Salmon stringer, raked.
4th. Avenue Beads Streaky Sage base with a twisty made of: Mystic Beige, Lauscha Trans Coral Striker and Dev Salmon. The twisty was a bit stiffer than others I have used but I am not sure of it was the MBeige or Salmon that was the culprit.
5th. Trans Lt Rose spacer
6th. Reich Mystic Beige base encased with Trans Lt Rose.

Apologies on the pics, I didn’t use the tripod and I wanted to get these done.

Over all, I liked working with this glass. The Trans Burgundy is a striking color. I thought I had burnt out the color a couple of times but I let it cool and then restruck it and the color came back very nice and easy for me.

The Trans Lt Rose did splinter a bit but I honestly wasn’t sure it was the cold weather or me being anxious but there was no foaming or scum in the rods I received. I did have to pull off the end as I first started melting it but I thought I was getting it too hot. Once I pulled off the end and worked a bit cooler it was fine. I love this color as it seems to be a little more peach than pink…which I love. Compared to the Laucsha trans Peach it’s a tad darker and shows its color better.

The Salmon did have a few bubbles in it as I was melting it but they didn’t show up in the bead.
Also, I had read years ago that all corals are pretty much striking colors so I have always made a habit of striking any coral I use. I took extra time to striking the Salmon like I would Opal Yellow to be sure I got good color. In my pic, the Salmon is a tad washed out as my lighting wasn’t good but I tried my best.

I did notice this glass is a bit stiffer but since I have started using Bullseye glass too it wasn’t an issue for me. One thing I really did notice was the Trans Burgundy stringer. I usually just break my stringer in half with my hand as I get ready to use them…the Trans Burg was very hard to break and it was a stringer maybe 1mm.
I am on a HH and batch anneal. I made these and 2 days later annealed them at 960. So far so good on all the beads. No cracking and I used CiM Peace.
If I see any changes, cracking etc I will be sure to come in and report any problems.

I hope this is clear as I am not a ‘real’ tester. lol If there are any questions please feel free to ask.
Going out to day to play a bit. I'll try out the Trans Green and see how it behaves.

~ Dona ~

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