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Originally Posted by Hayley View Post
If it's possible, add some margin to your main box so the copy doesn't stretch from edge to edge. In web terms, it's called "padding." That goes for all the pages.
Sorry I wasn't clear Deb. I was referring to Hayley's comment about a problem with the margins inside your main box. It shows up best in the description of the first necklace where the text runs off the right side of the box. I think your web designer (Mama's Design Spot) should have set it up so that there is a clear margin inside each side of the area where your products are listed. I would ask her to fix it.

On the thumbnails and full size photos - using smaller thumbnails makes the page load faster for people on slow connections. Then they can click through to the larger photo just on the ones they are interested in. There are several ways you can set up your product pages in pappashop. You might want to look at several pappashop sites to see what kind of a layout you like best. You can find links to sites here. One that uses a layout similar to yours, but with thumbnails that click through to larger photos is Trudi Madison's site. Another one I like that is done a little differently is Adobe Sol Designs.

You've really got a great start on the site! I would work on getting more detail into your product descriptions first, and then work on the photo layout. Your descriptions will carry over if you decide to change the layout. I'll be glad to help you with any of it, just pm me or I can give you my phone number.

I hope that answered your question. If not, just whoop me up side the head and I'll try again
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