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Originally Posted by slcuniques View Post
Hey Pam, That's really sweet. I had a though... What about doing a Random RAOGK with the tut? or would you rather it be a surprise?

Maybe within this thread, some will sing out that want it but can't afford to buy it..
I know I sent the tut out a few weeks ago to a few people who I knew wanted it but couldn't afford to buy it.
What a nice thing to do for others Pam!!! That's why I love you my friend. You're so thoughtful!!

Sandy, Since I have no way of knowing who already has this tutorial and I don't want you to have to go through all your records it would be great if anyone who would like to receive it as a gift would list here or pm me!

This is a fab tutorial and even beginners can learn so much about technique and get really great ideas from it.

Love ya!
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