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Mike, as a business owner I know trade shows are a big expense and need to be worth it to ship everything to and from. So I understand your questions about B&B. Sorry I won't be going to B&B this year, so if you brought all the glass I would miss you. Each year it seems there's fewer glass workers at B&B. As the economy is not that great I had to cut expenses this year and B&B didn't make the cut.

Have you considered the Glass Craft Expo in Vegas in April. At least there you know everyone is a potential customer. The only ones who bring rods of soft glass for the past 3 years is Wale Apparatus. Wale brings Effetre, Double Helix and CIM. They also bring many basic colors which I find a little odd, but they sell it. I too would bring the odds or colors only you seem to carry. They bring 3 tables full and sell out usually by early Sunday morning. ABR brings boro and a slew of tools and they rarely have any left after Saturday afternoon. Uroboros brings only clear rods and sells it only by the pound, but the said maybe they would bring some color this year..., but that may be wishful thinking to make the sales as they new I was a buyer I had 3 different salespeople attempting to make the sale. Of course I bought from them, but not like I would have if they had brought some colors. For a 3 day trade show the rods sell out quick since only 3 big companies bring it.

Dichro is incredibly popular here too in all it's forms, all size sheets and scrap bags. CBS brings their Firesticks, powders and small squares and it is usually gone by Saturday afternoon. Bullseye only sells membership to their video education and refer all sales to their website. Pacific Art Glass mainly sells dichro in all its forms as well as kilns from the classes.

There is a high demand for sheets of fusing glass which I also think you would also do well selling. KoKoMo Opalescent Glass is about the only ones selling full sheet fusing glass and it isn't Effetre. Wissmach and Spectrum didn't sell glass last year, just handed out small sample pieces and referred to their website.

Perhaps next year maybe you could consider this show. I think you would do well here. This show is just getting bigger each year. If you needed volunteers, I would be happy to help you as I am a local Las Vegan. I also think if Frantz Art Glass wanted to do classes, they would fill quickly.

I hope my info helps you out.
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