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The Bravo is a good torch and would probably do everything you want your torch to do. That being said I prefer GTT torches over Bethlehem torches.
I owned a Bethlehem when I first started and liked it but it didn't have the heat penetration that the GTT's have. Next I bought a GTT Phantom, 4 stud so I could hook up a foot pedal, and it will do everything you want it to do. Small delicate work and up to 2 1/2 inch marbles.
I then bought a GTT Mirage, which I love and can do more than I need it to.
The GTT torches have a bit of a learning curve in order to get the different sized flames from pin point to large bushy flames but the range is there to use and it just takes a little practice to learn how to use the torch.
I also own a Nortel Arrow torch which I find great for fuming and smaller work, it saves gas over the Mirage for smaller things.

Have fun with whatever you choose.
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