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Default Measuring flame temperature?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for advice about industry standards for measuring flame temperature and/or appropriateness for working different kinds of glass.

I have built an electrically-driven apparatus which is able to increase the working temperature of oxy-fuel surface mix torches. As an example, it allows me to work quartz glass to a similar degree as I can with boro when running small oxy-propane burner fed using a single 10lpm oxygen concentrator (though I am skeptical that it maintains high 90% concentration at max flow rate).

Right now I can only qualitatively describe the improvements (aka drastic increase in sodium flare brightness, ability to work quartz glass). I want to put some numbers to it.

Does anyone know if industry standards exist for this? If none exist (or if you think they are inadequate/could be improved upon), do you have any suggestions for quantitative metrics I could use?

Thanks in advance,

PS - Would something like this interest any of you guys here? If I decide against trying to develop this as a full-on commercially available product, and if there was any community interest, I could still make a couple dozen or so available for sale.
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