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I also shoot in raw only, even when the lighting is perfect. Shooting in raw is not for everyone though. The learning curve can be a bit steep so that you can take advantage of the benefits of raw and the cost of shooting raw can be higher, unless you don't worry about keeping the original and backup copies of your files. Raw files are much bigger than jpeg images (I have lots of terabytes of space taken up by my images) and to process raw to tif or jpeg can put a strain on your computer unless you have lots of memory and a fast CPU.

And after going to all of the trouble, time and expense to set up a raw workflow, you may find that you still end up with sub par images because shooting raw is not a magic bullet to over come poor exposure, extreme color balance issues and lousy lighting. It's a lot easier and cheaper to fix those issues when you take the picture than it is in the computer.

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