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Searching for the term "barley box" should get you to other discussions about how to tame the ventilation beast.

Oh and if you pipe your propane into the house to your bench you will want shut off valves 1) at the tank (it comes with one) 2) just before it enters the house wall 3) just inside the wall it came through and 4) at a convenient place near your work bench. Installing valves like this will make life a lot easier when you have to change tanks or deal with new torches later on.

Lots of folks up here in Minnesota have the huge propane tanks hard piped into their homes for dryers and heating. If you have it hard piped be sure that there are extra bends near the fastening anchors so that when the temperature goes up and down there is a curve that can give a little flex to the pipe so the connections don't get pushed or pulled on.
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