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Yup, very normal.

Fire & gas & flying glass! Oh My!

You'll get more comfortable the more you practice, but there's just a primordial thing in the back brain that still comes out 'Ooook!!' as far as fire is concerned. Just be aware of where your flame is at all times.

And, face it, it's not if you'll get burned it's where, when, & how bad - closed toe shoes & no low cut shirts are very good ideas. Hot glass trapped between you and clothing can be, well, a real pain.

Some glass colors are more likely to make frit bombs in all brands. Some folks stay away from Devardi for that reason even though they have some lovely colors; numerous threads here on that topic - I've never used their glass, so am not an expert on that fact.

That said, I've never really been burned bad enough to keep me away from the addiction, but do always keep an aloe plant growing. There are several threads on here about the best burn meds. as well.

Welcome to LE. Have fun!

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