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Misty- yeah I have found that myself too with the searching. No worries. I appreciate your input for sure!

Yeah for sure! Thanks for that tutorial. I will most likely give it a try when I move studios. I'm over carpet right now with a dual window fan instead of my vent hood at the moment so I am keeping stuff to a minimum for now.

Roo- I'm pretty confident the bead is nice and solid on the inside. The pitting you see on the outside was just from one light dip in the baking soda. With my other results of trying to apply more it just made it super chalky looking with not any more bubbles yanno?

I'm honestly not worried about the crumbling because I think one application doesn't disrupt the structure enough to make them fragile.

I agree with your encasing comment for sure. The encasement of bubbles is SO much easier to achieve than the outside imho. For those encasing bubbles you need such a teeny tiny amount to get that look.

Mtn- Good to know. I wondered if tumbling was worth buying a tumbler to have nice clean pitted beads. There is a harbor freight down the street and I believe they are pretty reasonable.

Yeah I am not worried about the structure of my beads either. Like I was saying I have only used one dip of soda on the outer edges. I think there is enough stable glass on the inside of the bead to keep it nice and stable. I haven't had any problems with my beads breaking at all.

I did receive a few really nice e-mails back from a few other ladies I messaged outside of the forum. They are telling me the dip in baking soda 3 applications cooling more inbetween each application for bigger pits. Guess I will just keep at it.

Thank you all for your responses!!

xo Genea

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