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Default What metal inclusions can I put in Boro ?

Besides fuming , what can I add to Boro ? I’ve seen stainless drill coils , and copper screen , I think that was in a Boro bead. But I was thinking like copper or brass splashed on ? Or lumped on ?
And I think I heard mica powder will just burn out and look crappy.
What will make the the Boro glittery or sparkle ?
I’ve only looked at one manufacturer of Boro , maybe another manufacturer has “glitter” or “sparkle” rod ?
Thanks a lot !

P.S. I get my first torch today. A divardi spartan. Probably not the best torch but it was only $100 as opposed to a hot head. Since I already have tanks regs and hoses for welding I figured what the hell......

P.S.S. I’m new at this , never even made a bead but I have a 1 hour session with a artist next week ......

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