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Thanks magpie. Iím gonna have to give those manufacturers a try.
Iím kinda lucky. Davardi is really close but they donít have a store front , but shipping is pretty much overnight since they are so close. TAGs manufacturing plant is about a hr drive and they have a store front. And there is a very small supply store that sells a little selection of rods , but no tools.
Havenít even got to use my torch yet , I donít have any tools or glass , but that order is going in some time this week. When ever I do get to use it Iíll post my very first ever attempts at this craft.
So far YouTube has been pretty cool for learning but my wife is kinda pissed cause she says Iím watching it 24/7.
Sheís really gonna be pissed when I finally get some glass !
Until I actually create something she thinks is cool and then she wants it .....
Thanks for everyone elseís responses also. YouTube and this forum has helped a lot.
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