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Originally Posted by Katia View Post
PerfectDeb, like any chemicals it is potentially dangerous. In general - everything around us is potentially dangerous. Car, glass, gas, power supply and sockets, water supply on 30th floor, home dust - everything - was, is and will be.

Proper handling, safety procedures and understanding of what you are dealing with - is what turns the dangerous things to pretty safe ones. And this is the only way.

A cheap always kept separately and dedicated plastic container, a pair of disposable gloves, ventilation, mask (optional), a glass with baking soda solution (1 teaspoon per glass at room temp) to neutralize the acid and a proper rinsing in running water makes chemical etching no more dangerous than regular WC cleaning.
Sure best case the risk is manageable. I prefer to estimate my risk by asking about what happens in the case of an accident or worst case. If the answer is severe and beyond what I am willing to deal with then the risk is too high. I stay away from HF.
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