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Default Red Tulip flowers

Hi all, Raven Wylder (Sheryll) asked me to post this quick tutorial I made for making tulip flowers. I posted it in the "April Showers Bring May Flowers 2008 Exchange" thread, but she asked if I would post it here too. So here goes.....

Here is a small version of this bead.

I'll start by saying that I have only been using Bullseye glass for my encased florals, lately. That's not to say one can't use 104 glass, I just have been having such nice results with the BE crystal clear, that I just hate to go back to 104 clears. The one problem I do have with BE is that most of the colors are NOT opaque enough for the flower petals and I sometimes have to start with white or French Vanilla and then the petal color to get nice crisp petal edges.

Now this tutorial is just for the tulip flowers, so you can start with whatever background you would like.

I hope this little drawing helps. If you have any questions let me know.

step 1 - place 2 dots of opaque red (I think I used BE tomato red for this) side by side just a little apart. Melt these flat.

step 2 - place a dot of transparent red on top of the opaque dot. melt in.

step 3 - using a dental pick, pull out the left edge of the left dot, then pull out the right edge of the right dot.I try to make the pull outside the dot, to make a nice point. Melt flat.

step 4 - place a dot, of opaque red, in between the other 2 pulled dots, melt in.

step 5 - then place a dot of transparent orange/red on top of the melted in opaque dot. melt in

step 6 - Then pull,using the dental pick, a center point at the center top of the last dot.

I just used a lined cane for the stems and put them on at after putting on the center transparent dot and I melted them flat, when I melted the dots flat.

Encase or not, the second layer of tulips on the bead below, are not encased, but are surface decoration.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

tail wags,
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