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Old 2021-03-14, 9:58am
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Default Need some help - Boro Colour Info Guide

OK. So I'm cleaning up my hard drive and I come across a document named Boro Colour Info Guide (yes, with UK spelling). It's password protected. I've searched all my emails, etc, but can't find where I purchased it or when. I know it was a long time ago.

Does anyone have any ideas who I might have purchased it from? I'd like to find out if I can get the password again for it.
Barbara Logan
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Old 2021-10-20, 12:53pm
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Could be from talkglass I have several color guides from that forum.
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Old 2021-10-20, 9:26pm
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If you can look up the file details it should have a date it was last modified that can tell you when you downloaded it on to your machine.
That might help you find the email the original password key came with.
You can sort the file lists by clicking the date column header.

Finding out where your machine stores the email files is going to be another hunt though. Look for the email settings menu for that.

Try searching Google for that exact title as well. Using "quotation marks" will tell Google for that specific phrase.
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