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Old 2018-08-10, 9:06am
Lilion Lilion is offline
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Default Yet another ventilation question (sorry)

While I really, really don't want to work in my garage, I think it may be the only place I can set up I'm trying to think of adequate ventilation. I will only be working with recycled and soft glass, if that matters, using a Bethlehem Alpha. Plan is to run the propane out of garage door #1, which I can leave open a foot or two. There is one window, located behind an open storage shelf (say 3 feet wide) that CANNOT be moved. If I set a good box fan in that window on the shelves and set my torch on a table in front of the shelves, with the partially open garage behind me...will that do it?

This is just a hobby for me folks. I'm talking an occasional hour or two a week, not all day at the torch. Thoughts?

Below is a (not to scale) diagram. Red rectangle as the torch table.

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Old 2018-08-10, 1:42pm
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Speedslug Speedslug is offline
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Box fan in the window is not going to be enough, sorry.

When the wind of the world blows against that window, you might as well not have a fan there at all.

Fuel combustion gasses are not healthy and a box fan simply will not move enough air out of your breathing space fast enough or far enough away.

We have tons of conversations about this topic.

Once you add in the off gassing from hazardous metals in coloring the glass you really need one thousand cfm of air to move away from you and get it outside someplace at least 10 feet away from where your make up air is coming in.

You would be better off setting up a picnic table on an open patio with box fan blowing on to you.
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Old 2018-08-10, 2:04pm
Lilion Lilion is offline
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Deleted response because it just doesn't matter.

Last edited by Lilion; 2018-08-13 at 8:55am.
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Old 2019-07-21, 9:12pm
Forrestfire918 Forrestfire918 is offline
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Have you considered a covered and or shaded outdoor studio for your occasional one to two hours?
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Old 2019-07-22, 6:59am
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Eileen Eileen is online now
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It is not optimum, but I know people who have done it.

I tried taking classes at a studio where they had a large (think attic fan) fan in an end wall, up high. They did not use it because of the noise. I got a headache and sometimes nauseous from it, and quit the class and eventually set up at home.

I got an inline fan, and DH put it in a piece of plywood I could put in a window, then put some metal tube (ductwork, dryer?) to focus the intake to where I needed it.
I periodically light some incense or use a match that I blow out to make a visible smoke, and check to see how strong the pull is.

If you do use a box fan, I wonder if you could make something to focus the air pull in the same way.

As above, many people have started outside if that is an option. so consider that also.

I'm not sure where you are, but some places will allow you to rent space.
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