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Old 2019-10-01, 2:30pm
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Default New Setup Ventilation

Hi! so this is my little shed setup. I've been torching in here for about a week or two. So far so good except I'm super paranoid that my ventilation isn't adequate. I can't help but feeling like I might have felt just slightly disoriented a couple times - no nausea or headache and I wouldn't say I felt lightheaded per-se but just a little weird... now this could be from holding my breath due to nerves, I've read a couple people on here say that can happen. Or maybe just from staring at the flame? Yes, I have didymium shades but still feel like it can make you a little woozy after a while..

Anyway, i thought I'd go ahead and ask.. Judging from what you can see of my setup, is there any way to make the ventilation pull stronger? I'm thinking about selling that fan and getting a stronger one. Any recommendations on a fan that won't completely break the bank? The fan I have currently is a 400 cfm inline duct fan either 8 or 6 inch I can't remember...

:sigh: I've made a few kinda cool pendants and things but there are some techniques I don't think I can teach myself and safety isn't something where I just want to wing it and cross my fingers, especially with something like fumes. I think I might go ahead and try to find a couple classes to take instead of trying to be so stubbornly self-taught.
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Old 2019-10-01, 2:39pm
stafford.glassworks stafford.glassworks is offline
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Join Date: Jun 29, 2019
Location: New Mexico
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Here are the pics of my shed studio

Sorry that it's sideways!

One other question - is there any risk of the fumes from glass or propane being absorbed into your skin? Thanks and sorry for the silly questions.
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Old 2019-10-02, 3:30am
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That isn't enough CFMs.

Multiply that by at least two and three would be better ( 4 if you can swing it).

We have literally whole encyclopedias worth of conversations about ventilation here.
Just use the Search function above next to the Quick Links near the top of the page.

You only have to learn this stuff once for your situation but you really need to learn it at least the one time.

Also most fan makers over state how much air they really move by 3 or 4 times what the fans actually accomplish because there isn't anyone actually holding them responsible until you get to industrial sizes.

So the 400 cfm could well be as little as 100 cfm.
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