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Safety -- Make sure you are safe!

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Old 2007-08-07, 6:34pm
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Default Juicy Safety Stories!

I have been a lurker here for a couple of years. I have truly appreciated everyone's sharing while I've learned about flamework. The information in these forums has been invaluable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A group of us are setting up a glass artists organization in Colorado Springs, where I live, The Glass Artists of the Pikes Peak Region (GAPPR). I have volunteered to be the Safety Coordinator for the group and part of my responsibility is to write a column on safety for our quaterly newsletter.

If anyone has any particularly intersting stories related to safety, things that have happened to them, or things they have seen happen to others, I would love to hear about them. If I can pepper my column with a story or two, it will likely make a bigger impact on people than just reciting safety rules.

Stories related to any type of glass art work, not just flamework, would be appreciated.


SuZie Cox
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