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Old 2015-11-19, 1:47pm
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Default Oxycon and torch choice help

O2 concentrator help and information - OG20, Intensity 10, other??
I am wanting to purchase a phantom (I currently have a 15+? year old Nortel major/minor). I am running on an 02 cylinder now. Itís a hassle refilling and I will be setting up my new torch in a remote area where I cannot access O2 by pick up or delivery. I also have little time at my torch, so donít think Iíve got a lot of hours behind me with a 15+ year old torch! I want to set up both locations so that I can grow with ability and projects (eventually use boro to blow goblets and other things). I want the ability to power both torches fully. So far I am gathering information regarding the OG20 and the Intensity 10. Happy to have info regarding other options. So far my questions are:

1. Does the OG20 and Intensity 10 - run at 8 or 10 PSI max?
2. any preferences, pros, cons between the 2 concentrators?
3. how many of the above concentrators to run a GTT phantom fully?
4. how many of the above concentrators to run a nortel major fully?
5. new compressed air option on the GTT phantom - will this effect the amount of O2 I need to get the same results?
6. new compressed air option on the GTT phantom - is it hard/easy to learn how to adjust heat/flame with compressed air?

If anyone has the time to help me with the above questions, provide any other information that I donít even know to ask, or can recommend other concentrators/generators/torches and their combinations, Iíd really appreciate it.
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Old 2015-11-19, 2:52pm
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I know it is early in your quest for the answers to your questions and I am afraid I can not answer any of those questions However, I would also suggest you add research into filling tanks at home with the Homefill II system or something like it to your quest.

From what little I do know I understand that it takes some hefty concentrators to handle the needs of the bigger torches and often a few of them at once and refilling your own tanks might take some of the $ting out of pulling it all together.

Good luck and be sure to come back and teach us what you learn.
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