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Old 2019-02-16, 2:26am
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Default New Fire Marshal will not let me have a Dewar.

I have a 20 x 35' steel slip building that I have my studio in. It's fully inspected and the county approved my LOX setup 5 years ago.

Around noon on Friday my LOX company was switching out my 240 L Dewar. When they showed up I was still running on the Dewar as I was still able to get 40 psi out of the old tank (I have an auto switch over to 4 K tanks).

We have a new fire marshal in my town and drove by when the delivery driver opened the 20 or 25 psi blow off and shoot a large cloud and made a hell of a sound out of the storage "cage". He freaked out from what my wife told me and throw a full on temper tantrum and made the driver take both Dewar's.

Of course my wife made a few phone calls and ended up driving to town and put 4 K tanks in the back of her SUV so were able to run till we get the Fire Marshal straightened out.

I did have a long talk with the Fire Marshal that's over the whole county and he is going to be out Tuesday to get every thing sorted out.

I have a bunch of custom lab glass to blow this weekend and hate using K tanks with the amount of oxygen I will use. I wounder what the Fire Marshal will think when he finds out we have a "2000" gallon underground propane tank next to the driveway.

Anyone ever have any issues with the Fire Marshal and how did they turn out?
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