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Old 2017-09-09, 10:52am
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Default Longtime Lampworker Seeking Fan Advice Please

It's time to buy the fan for my new studio and I could use a little advice. I've been lampworking for 10 years and have tried numerous set-ups. Currently, what works for me is an industrial fan we bought at Lowes that we have suspended in an open window directly in front of the torch. It has 3000 cfm's. That may seem overkill, since I'm working in a 10x10 space, but I'm very sensitive and after 10+ years, I know that higher than normally recommended CFM's are what I need.

We're having my studio insulated and renovated and I'm getting a fan installed through the wall. We're having an aluminum funnel custom made to install in front of the torch. We're having a wooden box made to hang outside the wall to weather-proof (as much as we can) the fan.

I was looking at a few fans and since I don't know anything about industrial type fans, I thought I'd ask advice here. I'd like to purchase from Grainger.

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:

Option #4:
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Old 2017-09-09, 5:20pm
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Alexis, wish I could help you, but I went a totally different direction with mine.
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