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Old 2022-12-19, 2:20pm
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Default Bobcat Marver

I know this may be a long shot, but I'm looking for a torch marver for a GTT Bobcat torch. Shipping to Canada!

THX Wendy
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Old 2022-12-19, 7:23pm
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Wendy, maybe post in the Garage Sale and see if you get more eyes on this.
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Old 2022-12-20, 10:53am
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GTT makes one, check their 'Marvers' site page in the Accessories drop down menu. It's on the small side but so is the Bobcat. Available flat or as an L-marver.

Also, I believe the Lynx and Bobcat have the same outer dimensions so a Lynx marver would also work for you.

UPDATE - The Lynx is bigger than the Bobcat. The Cricket and Bobcat are the same size, but the Lynx is bigger.
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