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Safety -- Make sure you are safe!

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Old 2011-05-01, 3:51pm
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1st off, my hats off to dale. he is a good source of information that is very needed here. and 99% of the time we agree, so i rarely feel the need to chime in. but i must disagree with him on this topic. i have always said, and still say that the only way you can safely and legally use a hothead torch with a bulk tanks is if the torch, hose and tank are ALL 100% outside. it is not ok to run a hose in through an partially open window or door and it is way not OK to have a tank inside. there have been several people who have had potentially major accidents using a hothead torch with a hose, and it is only a matter of time till some one get hurt or killed. if you have a hothead, use a small 1 pound tank. you can find the tanks for less than $2 if you shop around. if you can't handle this, then get a fuel/oxygen torch because they run off of fuel pressures from 1/4 to 20 psi which is legal.
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Old 2011-05-01, 5:50pm
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There's no question that bulk is way cheaper than 1# disposables. Around here they sell 2-packs of fat boys for five bucks and change, but bulk is obviously still cheaper. IMO, either way the gas bill is relatively small, at least with a HH type torch, and especially compared to fancy glass and nice tools.

I also give a big hats off to Dale for all the info here- I changed a variety of things in my setup based on what he's written here. He's also certainly right in that everybody has to decide on the level of risk they're willing to tolerate. As I said in another post, I'm not willing to stop doing everything I like (almost all of which is dangerous) for the sake of reducing my risk to zero. I also don't have the money to "take every possible precaution" which, if you think about it, is physically impossible anyway.

I've made it this many years without major incident by having a very sensitive mental alarm system that says, "Hey, wait, STOP! What could possibly go wrong here and how can you assure that it doesn't?" I'm also well aware that I can't think of everything, get tired, get lazy, get stupid and things can go wrong in spite of my best efforts. This high pressure thing set off my alarm. It's outside the envelope I feel comfortable with. IMO, if people still decide to do it, they should use top notch components and follow a strict inspection schedule.

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