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Old 2017-06-06, 8:09pm
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Cool Facebook Auction Page

Hi everybody....
My husband, Tom Heath is a glass artisan and makes glass pendants using borosilicate glass. He has been making sculptured style boro pendants for almost 30 years. We used to put our glass pendants on a facebook auction page, "Lampwork Beads For Sale". Unfortunately back in January he had a major set back. He woke up one morning and had lost partial vision in his left eye. He has gone through 2 MRI's and cat scans and they cannot come up with an answer why this happened to him. His vision is slightly better than on that morning but he has problems with depth perception when he tries to add any part to the main part of the pendant (like putting fins on a dolphin...). So, with that said, he now is still working with glass because it is his passion but now he is making simpler glass pieces and adding bails and charms. You can view our etsy page to see what he is making now. My question is this......we can no longer put pendants on LAMPWORK BEADS FOR SALE because we have added bails and charms. Does anybody here know what is a good facebook auction page we can join to sell/auction his glass. We really need to get something going because he was out of work for a few months with this problem and now is going through another issue and needs to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy because of blood found in his stool during one of the tests the doctors performed and we need to get more monies made!! We had a Go Fund Me page and hit our quota for the procedure (we have no health insurance...UGH!!) but bills have built up and we need to get his glass selling again.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Karen and Tom Heath
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Old 2017-06-07, 7:14am
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Three Muses Glass Three Muses Glass is offline
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I'm so sorry to hear that! I don't know much about FB, but have you guys ever thought of putting a few tutorials together for the seahorses and dolphins and such? I know people would buy them.
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Old 2017-06-07, 10:46am
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If I were you I would do a search within Facebook for:

They seem to have a lot of pendants and other stuff here:


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Old 2017-06-07, 1:57pm
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Bargain Box Lampwork Jewelry on FB is another place to look.
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Old 2017-06-09, 1:08pm
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I like Marbles and things, that page has a good moderator, and a lot of members. Between that and my own personal page, I do pretty well.
Mary K
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Old 2017-06-10, 5:28am
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fourpawsglass fourpawsglass is offline
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I would also explore Instagram - a LOT of glass artists sell on it. An account is free - just the time to take pictures and post. You can sell outright or do auctions.
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Old 2017-06-18, 1:46pm
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tomsanctuaryglass tomsanctuaryglass is offline
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Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Posts: 983

Thank you everybody for your input. I will be checking these all out.
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