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Old 2017-06-19, 11:22am
pswrd pswrd is offline
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Default Trick to have release in the middle of mandrel without coating all the way to the end

Is there a trick to just have bead release coating the middle of a mandrel without having to dip most of the mandrel and then wiping off the end? So far, I have not come up with a clever mess free way...
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Old 2017-06-19, 11:38am
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Speedslug Speedslug is offline
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I have heard some say the trick is to use a wide spatula with bead release dipped in an open mouth container.

Getting a smooth, even layer would be hard for me free handed so I would likely brace one end of the mandrel on something and probably my spatula hand as well.

Others just go for the long, tall bottle and wipe the end off with their fingers.

It's not all that messy, especially if you have a second open mouth container to wipe the excess off your fingers on the edge.

I would find cleaning the excess off the spatula more troublesome than my fingers.

Good luck and let us know what works for you.

I have just learned to switch hands with the one clean end but I also have an electric mandrel spinner and so my hands don't tire of doing the same motion for twenty minutes while pretend to be an artist with molten glass.
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Old 2017-06-19, 12:31pm
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Pat Pat is offline
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Just use a jar lid like mayo, cleaned. pour in the release and it's easy to do the mandrel in the center.
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Old 2017-06-19, 2:43pm
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Tillie Tillie is offline
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I use a large plastic lid and clip a notch out of each side directly across from each other, pour a small amount (up to the bottom of the notch) of release onto the lid and put your mandrel into the notches and roll it in the release. No messy hands and you can pour the remainder back into the bottle by cupping the plastic a little.
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Old 2017-06-19, 4:37pm
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DarleenMB DarleenMB is offline
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Huh. I'da just dipped it as far as I could then used my fingers to wipe off the excess on the opposite end. But I'm lazy that way.

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Old 2017-06-19, 4:49pm
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FosterFire FosterFire is offline
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I deep dip all my mandrels with the release. I have some nerve damage in my hands and I can feel the bead release coated end better than the non-coated end. On hand problem days this means I rarely ever drop the mandrel.

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Old 2017-06-20, 7:07pm
Jeri Jeri is offline
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Use a foil loaf pan. In the center of each side cut a slot almost the depth of the pan. Put release in pan to bottom edge of slots. Mandrel goes in to slots with pan in center of mandrel. Roll the mandrel in the release and refill frequently.
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Old 2017-06-21, 12:56pm
Bentley Bentley is offline
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I put the mandrel horizontally across the bead release jar opening and use a tablespoon to drip in onto the middle of the mandrel while rotating the mandrel. The run off falls back into the jar. Easy.
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bead release

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