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Old 2018-06-21, 10:35am
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Default DH Murrini's

I bought some DH murrini seconds, but I don't understand how to get anything but mud out of them. They are made with both striking and reducing colors, so what do I do? strike then reduce? Reduce then strike? dunno. Anyone had success?
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Old 2018-06-21, 1:30pm
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Have you watched the video on the DH website? If not, here is a video they posted on their youtube channel:

For me, I:
Heat, tap, heat tap, repeat until they are on and once they are, if they have lost their color I allow to cool a bit, then reheat just the murrini to clear, then strike as needed, and last thing if I remember I allow to cool a bit, then put a little reduction flame to them.

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