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Old 2017-08-28, 1:58am
Steampunked Steampunked is offline
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Default Devardi Glass query


I've been very interested to see good things written about both factories that produce CIM and also Double Helix. Work produced with materials that are made under appropriate working conditions sells much better where I am (in that people will actively ask where materials are sourced from and if the workers are treated appropriately).

I see that on the Devardi site it says that 'It is lead free and made in India by all adult labor.' Is there anyone who is able to describe factory conditions, working periods, and if there are independent or surprise audits? This information would be very valuable for me in choosing who to use as a source for glass.
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Old 2017-08-28, 5:49am
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I don't know about Devardi specifically but I did see an hour long video about -A- glass factory in India and at that place it would definitely "surprise" everyone if there any kind of inspections.

Human labor in India can be had for pennies a day and in a country of some 1 point something billion humans I don't see that changing in any realistic time frame.

So the question that comes to my mind is "If they are going to continue to make glass the way they do, will not buying it myself here make any real impact over there?"

"Probably not" is the answer I come up with.

That is it won't make any change over there until India becomes dependent on a very large market for selling their stuff over here.

I see by your post count and join date that you may be new to the glass addiction.
If you are thinking of buying a metric ton of glass you may want some other information about the Devardi line.

If you do some searching here you will find quit a few discussions about the qualities, workability and consistency of Devardi glass.

It is much less expensive than a lot of other glass but you will find that it works pretty stiff even in the bigger torches, sometimes has problems with air bubbles and / or foreign matter in the glass and there are some colors that just will not go directly into the flame without exploding like hand grenades no matter how dedicated you are about pre-warming and easing it up to temperature. The last are often referred to as 'frit' on a stick.

Don't get me wrong, when I first started I order some $600 worth of the stuff myself.

I knew there were issues with it then (this was back in 2006 I think) but I felt a lot better about experimenting and learning how to melt glass with the "inexpensive stuff" and I did learn a great deal from it.

But I still have most of it because the cost of glass from other sources came down a large amount three years latter and the qualities of those other sources are so much more forgiving and consistent.

Devardi does have some wonderful colors and I know of a lot of glass artists that have made wonderful work with it but I limit myself to only getting a quarter pound of any one color to play with and the word 'play' is really important here.

I don't have enough experience working glass to be able to sell anything I made with Devardi and be confident that the buyer won't have problems with it latter.

I don't feel that way about any other glass maker.

Your Mileage May Vary and the above is only my own opinion.
Perpetually Pessimistic So I am Always Pleasantly Surprised.
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Old 2017-09-02, 1:50am
Steampunked Steampunked is offline
Join Date: Jul 25, 2017
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 42

Thanks for your response! Knowing factory conditions (as much as an armchair researcher can) is pretty important for me for a number of reasons, so I still make most of my decisions based on that kind of thing where I can. I do know that there are a lot of folk in the Bangladesh factory industry changing things from within (had some coworkers from there), which is always awesome. I check where garments are made before purchasing to see if they're part of the Bangladeshi accord, that kinda thing. It's no skin off my nose to do checks for glass too.

In the end, it looks like the whole thing has almost solved itself - the online glass places I can order from in Australia just don't carry them, and do carry Double Helix, CiM and Moretti, which for some reason isn't labelled as Effertre here.

Consistency is important to me, at least so I can replicate what I've done before, thankyou for your advice.
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Old 2017-09-02, 6:48am
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echeveria echeveria is offline
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Moretti is a legacy name. I don't remember the details, if I ever really knew the full story. But basically there was some sort of split in the family business, and the product was renamed Effetre. Sounds like the supplier there just hasn't renamed since that time.

Devardi ships everywhere, and has a website for direct ordering. Of all the complaints I have read about them, being a sweat shop is not one of them. Mostly I have heard how hard the glass is to use. I have no personal experience with it.
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Old 2017-09-02, 7:17am
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I recalled this thread

It's from 2015, I don't know if conditions have improved or if this is a place Devardi gets their product. But gives an idea of what the factories can be like in India.

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