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Old 2017-11-15, 8:40am
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Default Tip: UV protection for exterior propane hose...

The guys at Airgas told me the red fuel hose on the exterior of the studio will more affected by UV light than weather and temperature changes.

I use a pool noodle to cover and protect my hose.

Using a box cutter, I slit the pool noodle lengthwise on one side only.
This allows you to slide the pool noodle over the hose so it is inside the hollow center of the noodle.
I cut the end of the noodle to fit the exact length of the hose.
Then, I use a few zip ties to secure the noodle closed, seam side down.

I write the date on the noodle with marker so I know when it was changed.
I replace it every fall.
Fast, simple. And, the hose underneath feels and looks like new!

Inexpensive, too! (Not to mention COLORFUL!).
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Old 2017-11-15, 9:38am
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good idea! I have a piece of thin wall tubing my DH had, but it is stiffer and I think the pool noodle would be more flexible.
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Old 2017-11-16, 1:27am
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You can sculpt the corners of the noodle at bends to make it wrap around 90 degree turns and such.

Just carve off a little at a time where it bunches up until it fits the way you want.
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