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Old 2013-06-20, 11:16pm
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Question Hooking up multiple torches questions

Hello! I think I am in the right place here to post this question as I do not post to this forum that often, I just mostly read the posts/threads!

I am looking teaching simple bead making classes and want to step up from using the HH torches and I am looking into purchasing (at the same time) more than one torch set up to be hooked up to a single source. I was wondering how are multiple torches hooked up to a single tank (or one oxy tank and one propane tank- no oxycons).

I am not exactly sure as to how many (or what size) torches I will be needing yet I am just curious about the set up process right now. I also need to figure out a budget for how much equipment is needed before I know how many torches (and hook up equipment) I can afford so for now I just need to know what that list of equipment consists of. I do plan of getting oxycons further down the road, but will need to use tanks for now so I know I will need a reg for the oxy tank as well.

I know how one set up is done (tank>reg>FB>>QC>hose>torch- for the basic/single torch set up, but how do you add a second torch?! I know it goes-tank>reg>FB>QC>Hose>Manifold> then two (or more) hoses split off from here that goes to the two (or more) torches, but do I need more FB/QC/REGs anywhere else?!

I know a manifold is used and there are different kinds of manifolds out there to use and I would be using flashbacks and quick connects and I know where to use them for a single set up, but once a manifold is in place, is there a need to place flashbacks/quick connects at each hose connecting to the manifold or is only one set needed at the hose near the tank after the regulator? How does this set up work? I have seen pictures of manifolds being used and I get the idea of it all, I just don't know how many FB/QC/REGs are needed to be ordered per extra torch set-up if they are going to be hooked up to the same system!

Also, could I add another QC to where the hose connects to my torch to make it easier it I wanted to hook up another torch at my bench or is this too many QCs or even a good idea for safety reasons?!

Also does it matter if you are using two or more torches together that require different hose size? I am assuming that hose size only pertains to matching the torch to the hose and doesn't matter what kind of manifold you use since the hose fitting on the manifold is only one size(?). I haven't come across manifold with different post sizes so I an assuming this to be true, please correct me if I am wrong!!

Also can you hook up two or more torches that require different pressures (PSI) or one torch way larger than the other from the same source and if so, does this require more than one regulator, and if so where are the separate regulators supposed to be located?!!

I can deff have someone take a look at this set up to make sure I have everything hooked up right *after* its hooked up but before first use of course, I just need to know how many (of each-FB/QC/REGs) to order before hand! Please post pictures if you can, I am a very visual person and need to see how things are hooked up!!

I am sure I am making this more complicated than it is, I just want to be super safe and I have not found answers to these questions any where else!!!! I hope my questions are clear enough and sorry for so many questions, when you are playing with a setup like this you can never be too careful!! I just want to make *absolute* sure that I get everything right and not missing anything safety wise as far as setting up goes!!

Thank you sooo much in advance!!
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