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Old 2015-07-20, 2:44pm
Angie09 Angie09 is offline
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Default Does such a tool exist?

I love Gaffer glass but often get stringer thin rods. I know people rubber band 2 or 3 of them together to try and make one decent size rod but that's never worked well for me. Has any one invented a tool that would hold 2 or 3 - 2mm stringer rods ...kind of like the holders for the small end of rods?? Or suggest another way to get 3 of them to stay together. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Old 2015-07-20, 2:57pm
Lorraine Chandler's Avatar
Lorraine Chandler Lorraine Chandler is offline
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Hi, Melt them together in a large gather and the pull with a maria 'punty' into the size of rod you want. They don't have to stay close together because eventually you will get them all melted together into your large gather. Even if you melt them one by one..

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Old 2015-07-20, 4:04pm
Angie09 Angie09 is offline
Join Date: Aug 06, 2009
Posts: 1,788

Thanks Lorraine ... I hadn't thought of that ... just hoping for a simpler solution. Maybe this is it.
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Old 2015-07-21, 6:48am
Katia Katia is offline
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Look for Kristina Logan's demo on youtube - the one at Corning museum where she's doing a large disk bead. She bended a rod of ivory in the middle and fused it to another rod and got something like ----==== with double rod on the working end to melt more glass at the same time.

The video is amasing by itself and there are more great tips
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