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Classes, Retreats, Get togethers, Etc. -- Upcoming classes, retreats, special events, Get togethers. Please delete your thread when the event is over.

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Old 2021-10-12, 6:02am
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Default Anybody here from the Kentucky region?

I was just wandering if there were any people on this forum that may be from the KY area of the country, preferably Western KY. Lol. Im from Owensboro, & am just starting to learn, and would love to just sit in on someone a little more skilled if I can find anyone close enough. I wouldnt care to drive an hour or so if i had to. Im a very fast learner, & i know a little already, but nothing major. Lol. Hope to hear back from at least someone! Haha
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Old 2021-10-12, 5:15pm
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Sorry, not in or near KY, but did you know that Corina Tettinger has made a video edition of Passing the Flame (her book that some say is a go-to book for lampwork for many)? She has it on her website, at least Part 1, in Online Classes, and Part 2 I think I saw her say is in the works too now.
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