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The Dark Room -- Photo Editing and Picture Taking. Advice, tutorials, questions on all things photoshop, photo editing, and taking pictures of beads or glass.

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Old 2012-01-06, 6:15am
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Originally Posted by Sheila D. View Post
I have a light tent with the lights that came with it from Tabletop Studio.
The trouble is...I don't have room for it in the house, so it's in my studio and this time of year, it's frickin' cold out there. (warms up in the afternoon so I can torch)
I'm leaning towards a better, more up-to-date P&S with more features. My photos aren't that bad if you take a look at my Etsy, but I think I can kick it up a notch!
I feel your pain there!! I don't have any room in my house for my light box either. Worse, I have 3 cats who would absolutely make it their mission to live in there just because it would be forbidden. I don't have room in the studio either, so taking photos with a light box is a tedious round of set up, photograph, break down and put away.

Good luck with the new camera, whatever you decide!
Chris Scala

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Old 2012-01-06, 5:28pm
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We all seem to have a space problem. There just isn't enough room to put everything in well lighted, warm and ventilated places. I do enough photography that I keep a small table permanently set up for it. Fortunately everything I shoot is relatively small. The torch lives in the unheated garage, along with the machine shop, the wood shop and much storage, so not much gets done in the winter. Or the summer, if it's too hot. Every cubic inch that isn't full of my stuff is full of my wife's mammoth yarn and fabric collection. (no, not yarn from mammoths, just a lot of it)

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