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Old 2008-03-05, 3:04am
nana nana is offline
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Default Flower Murrinis

I have beeb trying to make flower murrinis (like in the Japanese book)
without much success. My attempts were with Effetre glass (not Satake)
It is very difficult to build a large mass with componants in order to pull into a flower murrini. does anyone have suggestions on how to do this with Italian glass.
P.s. I don't have a pic of my attempts because they are scattered all over my workbench
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Old 2008-03-06, 8:46pm
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CO_Phantom CO_Phantom is offline
as in the state
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One suggestion, which I'm sure is obvious to you, is to be sure you are keeping the entire mass warm. Warm warm warm. That's easy to forget about when you are trying to build out the mass of glass. There is no good way to tell you to do this except practice, practice....

The Japanese torches make this a little easier because their flame isn't as pinpoint as our torches can be. If you've ever seen a bunsen burner, their flame is wider, which makes it a little easier to build up larger masses of glass. It's a little harder to do detail work (in my opinion) but they're ideal for cane pulling.

Carlisle MiniCC with 2 Devilbiss oxycons
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Old 2008-03-07, 6:59am
Moth Moth is offline
Mary Lockwood
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It is also easier when using a glass as soft as melts faster, less wait, longer time frame of being able to pull it down.

I agree with Amy, practice, practice, practice is the key.

However, if you are having trouble mainly based on the size of the bundle you are making before you pull it down, try using smaller components, making a smaller bundle and then pulling it down. You won't get as long of a pull, but at least you will get something. As you get better at it, you can go larger.


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Old 2008-03-07, 3:08pm
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Ruri Glass Studio
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Akihiro Ohkama will teach exactly what you want to do (but with Satake) at Bead & Button. I'll be the interpreter.
class info
5 seats left.

By the way, it's an intermediate class and the definition of "intermediate" at the Bead & Button Show lampwork classes is:

Student has experience in class and outside of class on a dual-fuel torch. Student should be able to readily form beads, and be able to work with stringers, as well as other simple decorating techniques.

But this class uses Japanese torches so "dual-fuel torch" (There's no such thing. It should be "dual-gas" torch since oxygen is not fuel.) experience is not necessary.

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