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The Dark Room -- Photo Editing and Picture Taking. Advice, tutorials, questions on all things photoshop, photo editing, and taking pictures of beads or glass.

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Old 2006-12-10, 4:08pm
tomsfoolery tomsfoolery is offline
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Default Photo sites

I have found a couple of good sites that deal with digital pics.

This first one has a ton of info on it and you can spend hours sorting through all of it.

This guy does slides for artist wanting to get juried in some of the top ranking shows and also has an article how a dallas area zapp jurying process works. If you use a Nikon he has a lot of info on these camera.

One of his links go to this other site. He offers this digital calibration for white balance. He has four short videos where he goes through the white balance and histogram and shows his target calibration pad how it works to set white blance. He does not like using white paper to set your white balance because white paper has a slight blue hue to it to bring out the white. So on and so on.

Just thought I would pass these sites on.
This next site has nothing to do with the photo process but it has some marketing info in it that might be helpful to some.
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Old 2006-12-11, 6:06am
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JanMD JanMD is offline
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Good find, Tom!!! I like this one especially: "How To Use Your Digital Camera".
With info on stuff like:
-- Purchase a Tripod
-- Set the ISO to the lowest setting
-- Set the camera to capture the most pixels
-- Never use the digital zoom
-- Fill the frame
-- Turn off the flash
-- White balance

What is this ZAPP jury system anyway? Some kind of standarized way of preparing and viewing digital pix for art show juries? If so, bravo to whomever organized that!

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Old 2006-12-13, 2:57am
tomsfoolery tomsfoolery is offline
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Join Date: Dec 01, 2006
Posts: 6
Default Zapp jury

I was browsing on some shows for next year and this one was through this zapp jurying process. Now several shows use this system it is a standarize system that certain people are trying to push through. That if you use this zapp system you can use the same pictures or whatever through the web to do several shows. Here is a link that explains it better.

This is where several artist got to sit in and watch the jury process.

These shows are probably out of my reach right now but I am working toward that this year and hopefully be able to honestly try this bigger show venues.
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Old 2006-12-13, 8:01am
Janice Janice is offline
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thanks! I'll definitely spend some time checking these out

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Old 2006-12-13, 8:42am
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Judi_B Judi_B is offline
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Thank you Tom! I've been looking through the Berman Graphics site - lots of good resources there. The second edition of their book "50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques" is available in .pdf format (free) at this site:
I've been working my way through it, lots of good information.

The photoworkshop site also has two other online books available (free) here:
"Digital Photography Simplified" has helped me a lot. It even has a couple of chapters on Photoshop Elements.
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Old 2006-12-14, 3:12am
tomsfoolery tomsfoolery is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 01, 2006
Posts: 6
Default Photo site

That was a couple of great links. I downloaded both of those pdf books I think one was like 160 pages and the other almost 300 pages.

It is amazing all the free info out there. It will take a while to go through all of it.
Thanks for posting it.

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