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Old 2015-02-12, 1:54am
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Default What coring tool to use for beads made on 1/8'', 3/32'' mandrels?

I haven't been using my bigger mandrels lately, but I really want to core beads. I've committed a bit to the Jim Moore tool, but I realize now that a really big tool might not be the best thing to use to core my smallish holed beads.

I have looked into several liner types, and I'm seeing a lot of info about holes/tubing in the BHB range - I'm interested in coring 1/8'' or 3/32'' beads for the most part. Can I do this with a Jim Moore tool? An Impress (and, if so, why does it seem like all the stabilizer dies to fit tubing have a larger ID than anything I'm looking for)? Will I be out of luck with the tools on the market?

Thanks for your assistance - I'm seeing the large size limit on most of these tools, but the small hole size limit is proving to be tougher to find.
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